30 Days of Clean Eating Challenge

First an update… its been about a week and a half since my last post and I am proudly down to 150lb again!! I got my butt back to the gym last week and slowly started taking all the crap food out of my diet all in preperation for this week!  Monday was they start of a 30-day Clean Eating Challenge I am doing.  I joined this super awesome fitness/nutrition group on facebook & Megan, the creator of the page, started this 30-day challenge. My husband is going to be doing it with me too, so I will have lots of support along the 30 days.


This was yesterday’s update we have to do some type of daily entry in our group. See 150.8 on the scale! woot woot 🙂

I get alot of questions from friends and co-workers about what clean eating means and what foods to eat.  As Megan would say, it’s really hard to eat clean 100% of the time.  If we go by a 85% clean, 10% acceptable and 5% cheat, it will make life way more manageable.  Honestly, this is how I spent most of my year eating already, except I was probably more 70-80% clean/acceptable and the rest was cheat.

I invite everyone to take the challenge and try to eat cleaner for 30 days.  If you are not used to eating this way, of course it will be hard.  It will only be for 30 Days.  You can do anything for 30 days. Think about what you could look and feel like in 30 Days … if you just tried!

Here are a few things to eliminate from your current diet if you decide you are one of the few who are strong enough to suceed…

  • NO Alcohol (it’s hard for most people but once you get rid of it you will see the pounds shred fast)
  • Sodas and Juices (probably the second hardest thing to take out. Lawd knows I love me my diet cokes, but there are plenty of good things to replace it with)
  •  Processed and refined foods ( white flour, sugar, pasta)
  • Satruated & trans fats
  • Don’t even think about any type of fried food… come on now did you think eating foods battered and deep fried would shed pounds off?
  • Just stay away from fast food! You will have to stop being lazy now and make your own food!!!

Here are a few things to incorperate

  • Water water water be one with the fishes!
  • eat 5-6 meals for the day
  • EAT BREAKFAST!!!!!! It’s a must
  • Fruits and Vegetables are your new best friends
  • Lean Fresh meats ( Chicken, turkey, fish, eggs,etc.)
  • 100% wheat (pasta, bread, tortillas, grains, etc.)
  • Healthy fats (Avacados, almonds, flaxseed, PB2 etc.)
  • Limit dairy to one serving a day ( almond milk, soy milk, greek yogurt etc.)

Thoes are just some basics. Nutrition is and will always be the biggest battle in weightloss. Don’t forget to get up and get active! Try to get 3-4 days of at least 30 min. of cardio in per week!

So put on your big girl panties, suck it up (instead of sucking it in), and try it for 30 days.  We can do it together!

Good Luck to everyone in my fitness group! And a special thanks to Megan and Jennifer for getting the group together and spending time on making our lists to live by. You girls rock.

Peace and Blessings y’all


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